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Know Your Truth Through The Spiritual Practice of Reiki


Makoto ReikiDo is a system of Reiki with a particular focus on spiritual development. At the heart of our system is our International Sangha who join in Reiki Dharma. We offer healing treatments, classes, workshops, and retreats for people seeking greater peace, to restore a natural state of balance or to take a deeper dive into realising truth. The Makoto ReikiDo system offers antidotes and methods to reduce the harmful effects of mental and emotional stress impacting mind, body and spirit. Our services are based on a Dana model making it affordable for everyone.


What Is Makoto ReikiDo?

Makoto ReikiDo is a system of Reiki inspired through practice. The system is infused with teachings from Western and Japanese Reiki lineages, deeply enriched through Buddhist philosophy and Bodhisattva practices creating a unique path to profound awareness. Makoto ReikiDo emphasises the learning potential that arises through experience facilitating a profound “knowingness” that transforms ones sense of being.

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Why Choose Makoto ReikiDo?


Extensive Experience

As an International sought after Reiki Teacher Caron provides students an extraordinary learning opportunity having realising profound, pure awareness. This realisation inspired Makoto ReikiDo as a lineage of practice offering students a rich base to grow and evolve in the spiritual practice of Reiki.


Meditation and Mindfulness

Teaching the system of Reiki is teaching meditation which is often not understood. Additional to this Caron offers 18 years of experience in guided imagery, contemplative, single pointed concentration techniques and as a certified mindfulness instructor and Buddhist meditation teacher enabling Caron to facilitate for a range of audiences.


Buddhist Philosophy and the path of the Bodhisattva

As a Buddhist/Reiki Practitioner having studying Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy and the Bodhisattva path of compassion formally for 12 years has enabled a wonderful fusion of knowledge transfer into the system of Reiki. Reiki Practitioners benefitting from the deeper awareness of Reiki as a spiritual practice deeply rooted in the Great Vehicle of Mahayana Buddhism which is the foundation of Makoto ReikiDo lineage.



Realising first hand the need for support during times of challenge Caron prefers to engage in fluid and interactive ways with students and clients using the benefits of technology to ensure appropriate, timely and meaningful communication and support.



With kindness and compassion at the heart of Reiki, clients and practitioners value Caron’s flexible and adaptable approach to service. Home visits, centre based and virtual supports available. International clients benefit from the flexibility of technology.


Living My Practice

As a perpetual student in life constantly learning and growing through Reiki and Buddhist practices provides the perfect platform for personal and spiritual transformation.

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