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Makoto ReikiDo Mandala Offering

In the Autumn and Summer seasons the Sangha conduct a special mandala offering in recognition of our transformation through life, impermanence and our interconnectedness. A significant aspect of this practice is the generation of a heart of loving kindness extending to all beings.

This links deeply with the precept of Just for Today Be Kind To All Beings. A Reiki Practitioner begins to see the importance of this precept at a deeper level when one realises true nature. Generating a heart of loving kindness simply transmutes pain and suffering of others as well as oneself.

Together we created beautiful mandala’s and recited the Mantra of Light moving to stillness. We recorded this years mandala creation but unfortunately lost the sound for the full practice to be shared we hope to achieve this in the Autumn of 2023.

This year Sangha friends created two mandala offerings which we dissolved representing our impermanent nature.

Victorian Sangha friends creating a mandala offering

Queensland Sangha friends mandala offering


Key practice links:

  • Motivation
  • Dry bathing purification
  • 2nd symbol practice
  • Mantra of Light
  • Mandala offering
  • Meditation – calm and abiding

Makoto ReikiDo

18th December 2022


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