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I am often asked how to get started in meditation to help quieten the mind. Often this is motivated by life’s stress and worry and with meditation being considered the new thing to be doing. Yes, meditation can definitely move you to a calm and still space but this takes practice.

What often happens is there’s an initial honeymoon period of enjoyment from the relaxation phase. But, then there’s the realisation that we have to keen turning up to tame the elephant inside.

In other words, meditation is a mind training. Like any training it takes genuine effort, and practice before the benefits are realised. This one unfortunately can’t be bought off the shelf. However, with diligence in practice and staying on course we can definitely develop greater clarity, focus, and sense of presence.

In the beginning we may simply want to tame the mind to reduce stress and worry but as we advance in practice it can become more profound.

Meditation as medicine

In Buddhism meditation is viewed as medicine for the mind as its through effort in practice that we can change how the mind works. With diligence, and courage we begin to see that applying the methods allows the mind to be steady, relaxed and calm. We are less caught up in the constant movie scenes of life.

Meditation techniques

There are many meditation techniques to help still the mind and its worth spending time finding what works for you. Reiki was my approach which moved me to profound spaces of awareness but this may not be your approach. For those unfamiliar with reiki as meditation the whole system is just that and I will cover this in another blog.

By thinking of meditation as medicine and by considering the right medicine for the illness can be a useful way to think about things. For example, if we are stressed and anxious a mantra may be the right pill. Whereas, someone with busy thoughts may benefit from a mindful walk in nature.

Meditation steps and stages

In the early stages of using meditation as a technique we are simply beginning to settle the busyness of our thoughts. But the more you progress you begin to realise that the true nature of mind is beyond thoughts and emotions. Our natural mind is vast and interconnected with all beings, its like the the vastness of infinite space.

So, lets get started with some simple steps to tame the mind.

These recordings provide some practical tips to understanding the busy mind and offer methods to get started in simple ways.





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