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As a process of continuous discovery through Reiki practice we can come to know of the nature of non-duality, and with this knowing a new beginning to far greater freedoms. Makoko ReikiDo offers a genuine pathway to self-realisation or to know of one’s true nature.

It’s with this profound awareness that we can see the fullness of being human, a being that embraces the totality of the cosmos and all its dimensions. This potential is freeing on all levels.

Attaining this nondual state of being is to realise one’s own great clarity. It’s not just the mind that is clear but your whole being is free of impurities, there is a lightness, an openness, a purity, an omniscient body of clear light. This light allows you to see yourself as compassion as you are the essence that is transformed into clear light.

There is a voidness, yet a fullness, a deeply infused essence of being of all. This clear light awareness is to awaken. The moment you awake you just know.

Life goes on as is but there’s a subtle glow always present like seeing the light left on in another room, and this light is like a constant invitation to return you home.

It’s all knowing, its pure compassion and wisdom and a new beginning.

Makoto ReikiDo

Rikdzi Lhamo (Caron)

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