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Focusing On The Spiritual Path

Makoto ReikiDo is a system of Reiki with a focus on the spiritual path. Blending experience from Western and Japanese lineages, fusing Buddhist philosophy and the deeper practices of the compassionate way creates a unique path to profound awareness.

Makoto ReikiDo emphasises the learning potential that arises through practice experience facilitating a profound “knowingness” that transforms ones sense of being. An important element in the Makoto ReikiDo system is our trusted and compassionate Reiki Sangha, a community of International practitioners.

Makoto ReikiDo Practitioners are facilitated and supported on their personal journey. The benefits can be realised on many levels depending on ones motivation. For some the cultivation of a healthy and stress free life style may be a persons goal. For others a spiritual path with immersion into Reiki practise to expose ones great bright light or clear light of mind.

The Makoto ReikiDo system supports individual growth letting go of conventional stages or levels of Reiki attainment so that spiritual growth can blossom. However, stages are recognised for certification purposes only for member association requirements.

Makoto To know your truth

Reiki Spiritual energy

Do Spiritual path

Makoto ReikiDo

To know your truth through the spiritual practice of Reiki


The Founder of Makoto ReikiDo

Caron was born in England and moved with her family to Australia in 2002 to work as a nurse. Exploring Western Reiki in 2005 with Deidre James with quite an analytical mind led to little progress other than a seed had been sown. Compelled to return in 2009 Caron found Reiki Master/Teacher Michelle Bean and completed level 2 and Masters in 2010 in Western Lineage.

After attaining Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner in 2011 Caron found herself looking for something that seemed to be missing in ongoing practice a part of which was a place to share stories and experience.

In 2012 Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei of Komyo Reiki Kai now Komyo ReikiDo was teaching in Melbourne, which couldn’t have been timelier.  A light bulb moment  highlighted Reiki as a spiritual practice which was the catalyst to explore Buddhism at the Tibetan Buddhist Rime institute (TBRI) in Belgrave. The fusion of Reiki with Buddhist Philosophy and Practice simply expanded awareness and motivated a commitment to Reiki/Buddhism as a chosen spiritual journey.

Caron has been engaged in practice and study of Tibetan Buddhism since 2012 has attended a number of retreats such as Bardo, Medicine Buddha, Chod and Tara and received empowerments in – Innate Kalachakra, Samaya Tara, Chod, Jambhala, Marichi and Shambhala. Caron continues to study Buddhist Philosophy, Emptiness, Dependant Origination and practice in the Six Perfections,  engaging in the Bodhisattva path and Tantic Practices. She has received teachings from the Dalai Lama,  Khentrul Rinpoche,  Kathok Rigzin Chenpo and Tenzin Palmo online and in person.

Caron closed her small business Hidden Senses in 2016 to focus on her own development through Reiki and Buddhism and following advanced Reiki practices within the lucid sleep state fell spontaneously into the clear light mind in 2019. This profound experience of emptiness was the inspiration for Makoto ReikiDo. Caron is now a sought after International Reiki Mentor and Teacher and Teachers the external and internal reality for profound awareness.

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