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The Founder of Makoto ReikiDo

Caron, originally from England, relocated with her family to Australia in 2002. Her journey with Western Reiki began in 2005, but progress was slow. However, the seed had been planted. In 2009, Caron returned and completed Level 2 and Masters in the Western lineage.

Feeling that something was missing within the Reiki system, Caron sought answers. In 2012, she had a pivotal moment during a study weekend with Hyakuten Inamoto in Melbourne. This moment illuminated Reiki as a spiritual practice and sparked her interest in Buddhism at the Tibetan Buddhist Rime Institute (TBRI) in Belgrave. The fusion of Reiki with Buddhist philosophy expanded her awareness and solidified her commitment to the spiritual journey of Reiki and Buddhism.

Since 2012, Caron has immersed herself in the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism. She has attended various retreats of varied lengths, received empowerments, and explored practices such as Bardo, Medicine Buddha, Chod, Tara, Kalachakra, Mahamudra and Lojong – mind training practices.

In 2019, during a lucid sleep state, Caron experienced the clear light mind, a profound emptiness that inspired her to create Makoto ReikiDo. This transformative experience changed her perspective on life, healing, and teaching.

Today, Caron is an internationally sought-after Reiki Mentor and Teacher. She guides others toward profound awareness, helping them overcome the suffering nature of the mind for greater peace and happiness. Caron remains actively involved as a practitioner, teacher, and volunteer at TBRI, contributing to the Bodhisattva path of compassion

Focusing On The Spiritual Path

Makoto ReikiDo is a unique system of Reiki that places a strong emphasis on the spiritual path. It draws from both Western and Japanese Reiki lineages, weaving in Buddhist philosophy and the deeper practices of compassion. Here are the key points:

  1. Blend of Traditions: Makoto ReikiDo combines wisdom from Western and Japanese Reiki traditions, creating a holistic approach to healing and self-awareness.
  2. Profound Awareness: Through practice, practitioners develop a deep sense of knowingness, transforming their understanding of self and existence.
  3. Reiki Sangha: The system values community. The trusted and compassionate Reiki Sangha (a community of international practitioners) plays an essential role.
  4. Individual Growth: Makoto ReikiDo supports personal growth, allowing practitioners to let go of rigid stages or levels of Reiki attainment. Spiritual growth unfolds naturally.
  5. Certification: While stages are recognized for certification purposes, the focus remains on inner transformation and the path itself.

For those seeking a healthier lifestyle or a spiritual journey, Makoto ReikiDo offers a path illuminated by compassion and profound awareness

Makoto To know your truth

Reiki Spiritual energy

Do Spiritual path

Makoto ReikiDo

To know your truth through the spiritual practice of Reiki

Jeri (Makoto ReikiDo Master/Teacher) Interviews Caron about her journey within the practice of Reiki and discusses the importance of Reiki as a spiritual path.

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