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Makoto ReikiDo operates within the principle of Dana

What is Dana?

Dana is a Buddhist tradition of community generosity towards teachers of the Buddha Dharma. Turning back the clock to the time of the Buddha the community recognised the value of the teachings and offered support through voluntary donations. This generosity was their dana, the giving freely to support monastics through the provision of basic needs such as food, clothing and medicine.

Dana is the act of generosity which has a far deeper meaning for a practitioner. The act of giving has immeasurable benefit to the giver as it opens up the heart and removes the practitioner from the sense of self, moving ones mind to be of benefit to others. It is a sincere spiritual practice.

How does this work?

Makoto ReikiDo adopts the principle of Dana by placing the client/practitioner in control of what they can afford and or choose to pay. This is sometimes difficult for people as we are used to being given a cost for service. To support you we provide the market rates from lowest to highest and allow you the choice.

Remember the minimum and maximum fees are a market rate guide only.

Its acknowledged that nothing can be for free as every business has outgoings and expenses, therefore fees are set as a minimum cost or a range depending on the service type.

Anyone in real hardship should feel safe to discuss their needs with Caron who believes that service should be accessible for all people regardless of their ability to pay.

Service TypeMin Market RateMax Market RateFixed rate
60min Reiki appointment$75$120NA
90min Reiki appointment$75$160NA
Absent Healing$75$120NA


60min Home visit Reiki appointment, includes travel costs below$80$140NA
Travel costs$0.72  km


2 hrs 30 min Monthly Reiki Sangha in person or online$10 pension

$20 Casual

$40 CasualPer annum option

$240 supported

$380 Standard

$480 Supporter


Buddhist Philosophy online and in person class  weekly – Monday evening

UK – 7.30pm Sun

Europe 8.30pm Sun

USA – 2.30pm Sun

Aus – 6.30am Mon

$7 pension

$10 per class

$20 per classPer annum option

$240 supported

$380 Standard

$480 Supporter

Workshops and day intensivesFixed
Reiki – Beginners$430$575
Reiki – Intermediate$450$590
Reiki – Advanced – personalised for the practitionerPlease discussPersonalised program
Tantric Reiki – Purification of Negative karma
60min Reiki – Coaching$75$140

Bank transfer details

BSB: 033-149 Acc: 440347

International bank transactions – Pay Pal

Please note that transaction fees may apply

We are so very grateful for your dana contribution