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Light at the end of life service

Meet the team


Founder & Master/Teacher

Spiritual Practitioner

Makoto ReikiDo Master Student

Spiritual Practitioner

Rachel Jeri

Makoto ReikiDo Master 

Spiritual practitioner

Makoto ReikiDo Master 

Spiritual practitioner

Contact us via mobile: 0439423184 – Text Caron

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Our team

Our dedicated and compassionate team of spiritual practitioners work with those departing from this life. We have a calling to support those passing from the grounded experience of life through the phenomenal space after death which is a vulnerable time.

Our practitioners assist individuals during their transition from this life. This transition can be disorienting and frightening, similar to a ship lost at sea. Upon death, a person’s spirit or energy undergoes several stages, each with its own challenges and opportunities, much like the different phases of life. Our team offer compassionate support, specialised knowledge, and the companionship needed to navigate this profound journey.

How do we work

Our team, grounded in Buddhist wisdom, uses Reiki healing and mediumship to compassionately connect and communicate with your loved ones.

Why do people use our service

People seek spiritual support after a loved one’s death for closure, reassurance, or unexpressed sentiments. Practitioners provide guidance during the transition phase, respecting the decease’s journey. This support optimises healing opportunities.

What do we do

In challenging times, our team provides spiritual support and communication to all involved. We aim to maximise healing, and can connect globally through various platforms to deliver timely insights.

What we don’t do:

We respect the deceased’s journey and privacy, and don’t interfere or direct their transition. While we strive for meaningful connections, we can’t guarantee them.

What does our service cost

For practitioners to be in the highest and purest state of mind possible we do not attribute a cost as this distracts from the importance of what we do, however people want to offer for our services.

Please chat with Caron about a donation for the service provided


What our customers say:



“There just aren’t words to describe my gratitude, to have been able to bask in the sunset with a dear departed simply so thankful” Scott NSW – Australia





I feel a complete sense of closure and a new sense of hope, just unbelievably freeing. Ialso have dropped my own fear of death, unbelievable, I cant thank you enough” UK B.



“I wanted to see a psychic straight after mum passed away as I wanted to know how she passed, but I am pleased I didn’t. I was able to connect with this wonderful team and I just cant tell you how amazing their support was and how they guided every step of the way. It was intense but it was all so relevant, I was able to be with mum and feel her through their guidance, I could connect and just knew it was ok, it was calm and I felt her with me. It seemed enough to just know this, I felt peace with this” Victoria Australia Sass

We didn’t know what we were looking for but we just knew we needed to connect in some way, things were so sudden, one minute there and then gone. We didn’t know you were suffering, we didn’t know you were in pain, so many questions, if only you had said you needed help, could we have done more, why didn’t we know. It was so overwhelming. Working with the team well as a whole family we are so grateful for, in fact we don’t know how to describe the experience there just aren’t words. It all just seemed to move and all just seemed to flow it had its own gravity. We got answers and although these may not be what we wanted to hear we felt a sense of peace. We each received a special personal message and we know our son, our brother and a father to a new born is free now. The team were able to share things that no one out of the family would know, they were so deeply personal this gave us such confidence in the process. Thank you all so much, we are very blessed. Victoria Australia B&D and Family


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