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Jeri's healing journey


As a child, before I was able to make decisions and follow my own path, I grew up in a limiting religious belief system (which shall go un-named). Being sensitive to energies, I had many encounters & experiences – some of which were positive & some which felt quite heavy & negative. When I had sought advice from said (unnamed) religious group leaders, they refused to acknowledge that any energy could exist outside of the physical body or in a beyond physical body state for “Heaven” realms. They had no answers for me and no guidance as to how I might handle or deal with these encounters. This created a lot of fear. Fear of the unknown. I tried my best to avoid acknowledging them and was fearful when they presented. This all changed when I discovered Reiki and was able to learn about the interconnected nature of all beings and I set off on a spiritual practitioner path.

Fear changed to love, kindness and compassion and a greater understanding of how life’s suffering nature and karma can be carried with you from this life and beyond and how I can be of benefit to those present and past to help reduce suffering.

Finding a trusted teacher

I happened to have a ‘Reiki healing’ as part of a weekend getaway to Gippsland in VIC & came away feeling like there was more to Reiki than I had experienced, and I started to think about how I could learn it for myself. It started off as a simple idea which kept reoccurring, before I found myself googling Reiki teachers. Out of all of the teachers I had found online, Caron Hill kept catching my attention. One thing led to another, and I found myself at Caron’s Reiki sangha group every month, learning more and more and connecting with likeminded people and a safe environment to share my experiences and learn from others. The insights and wisdom that has arose from practicing with Caron have been invaluable and completely changed the way I live my day-to-day life now.

Reiki is a mindfulness practice that has physical and energetic benefits and I believe everyone can benefit from learning and practicing Reiki which is why I’m so passionate about sharing its learnings with others.

Jeri's services

Jeri provides absent Reiki healing and relaxation to reduce 'dis-ease' & help you find a restful night sleep and can support you to discover Reiki as a practice yourself so that you are empowered to embark on your own self-healing journey.

Reiki treatment

Absent Reiki Healing

Supported: 30min - $30 60min - $60 90min - $90
Standard: 30min - $50 60min - $80 90min - $110
Supporter: 30min - $70 60min - $100 90min - $130

Virtual or verbal appointment


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Reiki level 1

A unique system of Reiki that places spiritual development at its core.
Jeri offers virtual classes for up to 16 hours to cover all Preliminary Practice - Outer Teachings at times mutually convenient to offer flexibility.

Supported - $380
Standard - $480
Supporter - $575


Learn Reiki

Light at the end of life

This service is dedicated to support those passing from the grounded experience of life through the phenomenal space after death which is a vulnerable time. Compassionate support, specialised knowledge, and the companionship needed to navigate this profound journey will be provided.

This service is by donation


Light at the end of life