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Thank you Caron for your wonderful support – not only are you and amazing talent with Reiki and healing you have a grounded and sensible approach to life. You have helped me move forward in my spiritual journey with my feet firmly planted and I believe this is where success lies in anything that we do. I look forward to many more insightful conversations.


I was in a terrible place before meeting Caron. After meditating and reiki my life changed completely giving me the awareness to just let things unfold and trust my gut. I did and now I have a happy family, new surrounds, new life goals and a beautiful new partner. The only downside. I moved to far away. We need a replica on the Mornington peninsula! Big recommendations for anyone thinking about trusting this service! She is brilliant.


Caron is a fantastic practitioner who facilitates the healing process through a variety of modalities in a safe environment. I have experienced group meditations and reiki and they have assisted me in greater understanding of myself and my own personal healing & development. Thank you.


I have gained so much through my experience with Caron, and when the time is right I will continue my reiki journey and expand on where I am at. For now though, Caron has imparted tools and knowledge that I apply to my everyday and also in my work as a nurse. Thanks Caron


There is something really special about Caron. I’ve seen her on and off for years and just last year I embarked on my Reiki Master journey with Caron being my guide – so calm and caring. I feel blessed to have Caron in my life.


As the star’s say Reiki with Caron was exellent,the teachings have been life changing, I will continue to go back and to reach higher levels of practise. Caron herself is a great example of what you can obtain through these teachings!


Thank you Caron, for guiding me on my Reiki journey. I am able to incorporate my learnings in my own person life as well as my professional one. It has changed the way I view the world, which has brought me greater happiness and contentment in every aspect of my life.


Caron from Hidden senses has ultimately changed my life. I am now completing my Reiki Masters with I am a nurse working with reiki everyday for my own self care and the care I can offer patients and colleagues. Thank you for everything.


“Thank you for your strength, support and wisdom during a very difficult year. You have been a breath of fresh air and I feel fortunate our paths crossed. Many people have come and excited my life and only a very few has aided my self discovery. You have made a huge positive shift and I feel that I am starting to get my wings back.”


Caron is a patient, supportive and nurturing teacher, friend and mentor. She has taught me both level 1 & 2 reiki through the Japanese lineage spiritual teachings and is currently mentoring me through my masters – providing learnings and insights that are expanding my knowledge and understanding significantly.

Reiki Sangha is a gathering of reiki practitioners on a monthly basis to continue to develop your learning through shared experiences and practice. Not only does it enable further growth and development of skills but it also helps you build a solid support network of open hearted like minded friends

I started my reiki journey only 12 or so months ago and have loved being apart of Caron’s sangha and teachings. If you’re at all considering learning, I highly recommend Caron.


“Caron lives the Reiki and Buddhist principles and is therefore an excellent presence and teacher at the monthly Reiki Sangha. I have been attending these over the last two years in support of my own spiritual practices, including recent Reiki training. The Sangha community is warm and welcoming to all, including those without Reiki experience. It offers a regular opportunity for refreshment and connectedness. I try not to miss.”


“Thank you so much, I get more out of these consultations than I do with my Counsellor. I feel relaxed, have clarity and am centred. Its great to re-connect looking forward to the Sangha”


“Highly recommend- I have gained so much learning the practice of reiki, including grounding techniques, through Makoto ReikiDo. I continue to practice the techniques regularly, since being taught in 2019. The teacher has a gentle, warm and inspiring approach, and the community is very welcoming and friendly. So grateful to have connected with them all :)”