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Thank you Caron for your wonderful support – not only are you and amazing talent with Reiki and healing you have a grounded and sensible approach to life. You have helped me move forward in my spiritual journey with my feet firmly planted and I believe this is where success lies in anything that we do. I look forward to many more insightful conversations.


I was in a terrible place before meeting Caron. After meditating and reiki my life changed completely giving me the awareness to just let things unfold and trust my gut. I did and now I have a happy family, new surrounds, new life goals and a beautiful new partner. The only downside. I moved to far away. We need a replica on the Mornington peninsula! Big recommendations for anyone thinking about trusting this service! She is brilliant.


Caron is a fantastic practitioner who facilitates the healing process through a variety of modalities in a safe environment. I have experienced group meditations and reiki and they have assisted me in greater understanding of myself and my own personal healing & development. Thank you.


I have gained so much through my experience with Caron, and when the time is right I will continue my reiki journey and expand on where I am at. For now though, Caron has imparted tools and knowledge that I apply to my everyday and also in my work as a nurse. Thanks Caron


There is something really special about Caron. I’ve seen her on and off for years and just last year I embarked on my Reiki Master journey with Caron being my guide – so calm and caring. I feel blessed to have Caron in my life.


As the star’s say Reiki with Caron was exellent,the teachings have been life changing, I will continue to go back and to reach higher levels of practise. Caron herself is a great example of what you can obtain through these teachings!


Thank you Caron, for guiding me on my Reiki journey. I am able to incorporate my learnings in my own person life as well as my professional one. It has changed the way I view the world, which has brought me greater happiness and contentment in every aspect of my life.


Caron from Hidden senses has ultimately changed my life. I am now completing my Reiki Masters with I am a nurse working with reiki everyday for my own self care and the care I can offer patients and colleagues. Thank you for everything.