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Unveil your sacred truth 


Reiki emerged in the 1920’s introduced by the Founder Mikao Usui a Japanese lay Buddhist and practitioner of Tendai Buddhism, Shingon Buddhism and Shugendo. In Usui’s time Reiki was a spiritual practice for the practitioner to turn inwards which is quite different to today.

In current times Reiki is largely practiced as a healing treatment for another person and is often misunderstood as a hands on healing system. Now, this isn’t completely wrong but hands on healing is a tiny part of the practice. A large part of self healing sits within the Reiki Precepts which at first glance are very simple touch stones for daily contemplation. However, when we look deeply at each precept we uncover Mahayana Buddhism the vehicle to overcome suffering.

Experiencing Reiki as a treatment brings about a movement in a person’s subtle energy field which helps to restore balance, brings about a sense of calm, inner peace and centeredness. Therefore, there is great benefit in the treatment aspect.

Nonetheless, Reiki as a spiritual practice uses the physical body as the doorway to unlocking the truth of reality. The physical being becomes the vehicle to cut through the external level of mind which is helpful for people with busy lives. When a person begins to put into practice the Reiki methods an inner reality is possible to be unveil.  When these spaces are exposed a new scope of being presents itself offering a new landscape to explore. 

Makoto ReikiDo

When we combine Reiki with Buddhist Philosophy we deepen our experience and understanding and are able to view Reiki as a system through very different eyes. Makoto ReikiDo means to know your truth through the spiritual practice of Reiki slowly unveiling the inner great bright light. Caron the Founder of Makoto ReikiDo has realised this path having and hopes to inspire other Reiki practitioners to explore the possibilities combining both approaches. 

The class

As unique individuals we need the right connections and tools to speak to our mind to cut through the outer world. If you are interested in Buddhist Philosophy and have a curiosity about Reiki or you have an established Reiki practice and want to know more about Buddhist Philosophy then this program may be just right for you.

Each class will involve:

  • Motivation for practice
  • Discussion
  • Contemplation

We will work through:

Unveiling Your Sacred Truth – Book 1  – The external reality

Hard Copy Book – Cost $35 or

ebook $12

Unveiling Your Sacred Truth Through the Kalachakra Path, Book One: The External Reality (eBook)

Join Caron online 2nd and 4th Sunday month and begin to unveil your truth:

Recordings are available in the learning centre – access will be provided on enrolment

Day – Sunday Time – 3pm – 4.30pm

January –  9th and 23rd

February – 6th and 27th

March – 13th and 27th

April – 10th and 24th

May – 8th and 22nd

June – 12th and 26th

July – 10th and 24th

August – 14th and 28th

September – 11th and 25th

October – 9th and 23rd

November – 13th and 27th

December – 11th

To register please email your interest to and you will be added to the online class via Google Meets

Payment for the class is by donation. To offer a guide for a monitory donation, a similar class may cost $10-20. Cost should never be a barrier to someone who is truly motivated to practice.

To make things easier you may choose to pay an annual fee of $200

BSB: 033149   Acc: 440347

Please note that classes may be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances but in such circumstances you will be notified.