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Makoto ReikiDo

A system of learning through the conventional stages of level 1,2 and 3 but delivered in a way that supports individual growth, acknowledges a persons place in life and nurtures personal healing and development facilitated through a Reiki Sangha Practice Group and Reiki Sangha open to all people.

Reiki Practice Group

Maintaining the spiritual art and deepening practice on the path Makoto ReikiDo Sangha members and any other Reiki Practitioner is welcome to join to practice the meditations, techniques, mantra, symbols, empowerments and to share stories, learning and discuss topics in support of practice.

Reiki Sangha

Practice experience and healing Makoto ReikiDo Sangha members welcome local community to join in meditation, healing sessions, share food and community and friendship.


A range of retreats are supported for wider community healing and deepening absorption into practice for Reiki people. A combination of day or residential retreats are offered which combine mindfulness, meditation, Reiki and other healing practices.

Private Consultation and Healing

Each persons journey through life offers unique experiences. Each experience gives rise to energetic manifestations with some creating blocks deep within the mind, body and spirit. As a result, these blocks contribute to illness, pain and suffering. A Reiki treatment enables a person to lesson their grip to these energetic knots and slowly restores a natural balance of peace and harmony.