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Our focus

Makoto ReikiDo system of healing, has a particular focus on the spiritual development of Practitioners. Recognising that people learn differently, Caron works with each person at their stage of development to support their unique needs. Therefore, conventional degrees of attainment are not our focus, although are recognised.

Our approach is to work where the Practitioner is on their journey and to support their spiritual development.

With extensive experience in the study and practiced of Reiki and Buddhism and integrating this into life enables Caron to delivery a rich learning opportunity. Through lived experience Caron shares her journey through stories to assist practitioners move to the understanding of Reiki as a mind based practice and profound healing system.

Its often a surprise to hear of Reiki as a mind based practice as the general assumption is that of a hands on healing method. Yet, hands on healing is only a small part of the system.

When we understand mind, we see that energy follows, neither can be separated. The system of Reiki is a system that provides a range of tools and techniques to rediscover ones truth.

Makoto ReikiDo Sangha

At the heart of the Makoto ReikiDo system is the Reiki Sangha. The Sangha or community of Practitioners learn and grow spiritually together.  Each practitioner offers a rich experience through their own practice that assists the growth of another. The Reiki Sangha openly welcomes new members to our community, even if you don’t choose Reiki as a path.

Our approach to learning

Our method of teaching is through day intensives and is supported by continued and facilitated learning through the Reiki Sangha. This approach supports the Practitioner consolidate the healing practices before they embark on the next stage of the path. Delivery is in person or on line so please do make contact to have a chat and discuss how to get started.

Our Principles

  1. You are in control of your own journey, time has no place
  2. Practice reveals the truth, experience is the way
  3. Sangha is at the heart of practice, value and respect community
  4. Generosity is giving freely for what you receive, gratitude is the way

Our stages of development:

 Preliminary Practice

Intermediate Practice



  • Makoto ReikiDo as a path
  • History of Reiki
  • Lineage of practice
  • Reiki Precepts
  • Breathing techniques and developing the hara
  • Mind/Body/Energy
  • Grounding force
  • Palm healing for self and others
  • Self care
  • Spiritual blessing
  • Buddhist Philosophy

  • Single pointed concentration
  • Symbols and mantra
  • Absent healing method
  • Spiritual force
  • Heart force
  • Spiritual blessing
  • Reiki Practitioner requirements
  • Establishing a practice
  • Buddhist Philosophy

  • Being Reiki
  • Knowing your truth
  • Additional symbols and mantra
  • Healing within the state of lucid sleep
  • Healing on transition and the space in-between
  • Developing a mind of compassion
  • Spiritual blessing technique
  • Spiritual blessing ceremony
Reality truth and trustOneness and interconnected natureEmptiness, knowingness and awakening to truth

To find out more please email Caron or make contact via the contact us page.