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Reiki Treatment

Please contact Caron via the contact page to discuss your healing needs, you are able to be supported remotely. 

A Reiki treatment is non-invasive and relaxing.

The Practitioner places hands on or off the body allowing the person to draw on the energy moving it to where it’s needed.

Each persons journey through life offers unique experiences. Each experience gives rise to energetic manifestations with some creating blocks deep within the mind, body and spirit. As a result, these blocks contribute to illness, pain and suffering. A Reiki treatment enables a person to lesson their grip to these energetic knots and slowly restores a natural balance of peace and harmony.


1 hour

Recommended fee

$50 – $125

We recommend a donation to the following. Please do state your name or initials on the transfer

BSB: 033-149 Acc: 440347

To discuss or book a private consultation please contact Caron via the contact page

Caron believes that health and wellbeing should be affordable for all people and provides a recommended fee range based on market rates as a guide. This places you in the driving seat of the cost of your treatment.