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Makoto ReikiDo Sangha

Online and in person

The sangha is an international spiritual practice community that join in a range of activities such as formal practice, healing treatments, and volunteering. We welcome all people. Children are also welcome supported by an adult.

The sangha is a place for Makoto ReikiDo Practitioners to immerse themselves in the practice of generosity and compassion. These practices are integrated through the sharing of food, giving of time and providing support to other community members.

Sangha Format

1- 2pm  – Reiki discussion and sadhana

2 – 2.30pm  – Time for tea

2.30 – 3.30pm Practitioner practice sessions specific to their development

Reiki sadhana is daily spiritual practice which moves through a number of steps preparing the  practitioners mind for practice.
Volunteering enables our community to  contribute towards meaningful activities.
Mandala and Mantra of Light practice is a particular sadhana and contemplation of life, impermanence, interconnectedness, and compassion
Amble in the centres Amrita Store for goods to support healing and spiritual practice. Teas, candles, books, incense, crystals and much more.

Sunday Dates 2024

Online access:

Please contact us for more information and online access

3rd Sunday of every month

January 21st – Reiki Sadhana and practice 

February 18th  – Reiki Sadhana and practice

March 17th – Reiki Sangha Practitioners participating in Shambhala Fest – Community Healing event at the Tibetan Buddhist Rime Institute – come along and say hello

April 21st – Light Blessing Ceremony

  • Special event – Autumn cycle of samsara

May 19th – Reiki Sadhana and practice – ONLINE ONLY 2.30 – 3.30pm due to event clashes

June 16th – Reiki Sadhana and practice

July 21st – Reiki Sadhana and practice

August 18th – Reiki Sadhana and practice

September 15th – Reiki Sadhana and practice

October 20th – Reiki Sadhana and practice

November 17th – Reiki Sadhana and practice

December 15th – Light Blessing Ceremony

  • Special event – Summer cycle of samsara


Light Blessing Ceremony

This is a special event that Makoto ReikiDo Sangha practitioners observe two times a year in autumn and summer. These light offering ceremonies enable compassion to be extended through the power of community connection sending blessings in all directions.

  • Mantra of light
  • Community Mandala
  • Meditation

Please bring a small offering for the mandala such as herbs, flowers, leaves, shells or other small natural items that represent the elements. If able also bring a small plate to share with the community for tea.


Donation at the door of

Supported – $10

Standard – $20

Supporter – $40

Time 1-3.30pm



If you are curious about Reiki and want to see what we are all about we welcome you to join in. Contact Caron to find out more

Cost: Refer to our fees page