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Reiki is a Japanese word used by the Founding Sensei, Mikao Usui, which means universal life force energy or our true self.

Rei – Means something mysterious and sacred

Ki – Means something unseen or the energy of the universe

As a natural healing treatment Reiki is a complimentary practice. Most importantly, it promotes a state of balance of the mind, body and spirit. However, on a far deeper level a practitioner can realise their true nature or great bright light.

Reiki practice and treatment is closely aligned to mindfulness practice, however augments a persons naturally circulating life force energy with that of universal energy restoring a state of balance.

The practice includes a range of methods and techniques:

  • Precepts
  • Meditation
  • Breathing techniques,
  • Mantra and symbols,
  • Mandala practice,
  • Hands on healing and self care,
  • Empowerments

Learning opportunities include:

  • Beginners Reiki Journey – Level 1
  • Intermediate Reiki Journey – Level 2
  • Advanced Reiki Practice – Level 3
  • Teaching Reiki Practice – Level 4
  • Monthly Reiki Sangha