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Reiki Sadhana Practice

These sessions are recorded for your personal home practice

Anyone can participate in these practices they do not need empowerment to Reiki.  The practice will simply mean different things for different people. If you are interested in Meditation/Buddhism/Reiki, these will be of interest.

The Reiki intensive program is designed to allow practitioners to deepen their Reiki practice through a formal sadhana process that includes:

  • Motivation
  • Purification
  • Contemplation of key texts
  • Mantra and symbol practice
  • Stillness
  • Dedication
  • Closing

Sadhana – 1st Symbol

Sadhana – 2nd Symbol

Sadhana – 3rd Symbol

Sadhana – 4th Symbol

The cost of the recordings for each Sadhana is $65 – which includes 3 recordings per practice. Please contact Caron for more information.

Additional resources to support formal practice include:

  1. Practice cards

2. Prayer Book

Please refer to the Practice Resources






Additional Information

Reiki Practice Intensive – Mantra of Light 

In the advanced Reiki Practice we work with fourth symbol or Dai Ko Myo. This symbol being a tool or catalyst for inner awakening and reconnection with our truth, enlightened being, or universal life force. This means to transcend belong yourself and being able to drop all tools and techniques.

This inner practice unveils a great luminosity or great bright light which is a space of pervasive, omniscience or knowing of all things, a great peace and profound sense of compassion.

This day retreat offers a space to explore Vairocana Buddha or Mahavairochana or referred to in Japan as Dainichi Nyorai (Great Sun or Cosmic  Buddha) and the association with Reiki and fourth symbol.

Within the Makoto ReikiDo Lineage twice a year we hold a special mandala offering with the Mantra the Light practice moving towards stillness. This day retreat aims to deepen the understanding of the Light Mantra “Om Amogha Vairocana Mahamudra Manipadma Jvala Pravarttya Hum” and explore the links between Reiki and the Cosmic Buddha.