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Reiki Practice Intensive – Mantra of Light

In the advanced Reiki Practice we work with fourth symbol or Dai Ko Myo. This symbol being a tool or catalyst for inner awakening and reconnection with our truth, enlightened being, or universal life force. This means to transcend belong yourself and being able to drop all tools and techniques.

This inner practice unveils a great luminosity or great bright light which is a space of pervasive, omniscience or knowing of all things, a great peace and profound sense of compassion.

This day retreat offers a space to explore Vairocana Buddha or Mahavairochana or referred to in Japan as Dainichi Nyorai (Great Sun or Cosmic  Buddha) and the association with Reiki and fourth symbol.

Within the Makoto ReikiDo Lineage twice a year we hold a special mandala offering with the Mantra the Light practice moving towards stillness. This day retreat aims to deepen the understanding of the Light Mantra “Om Amogha Vairocana Mahamudra Manipadma Jvala Pravarttya Hum” and explore the links between Reiki and the Cosmic Buddha.

Together with a deeper understanding we will work through a Reiki Sadhana involving:

  • Motivation
  • Reiki Purification
  • Mantra moving to rest in the vibration
  • Stillness
  • Closing

Come and join us for a day of Reiki Dharma, time out to explore, rest and move inwards to a space of calm and clarity. Take time during the break to enjoy the Temple Garden and its varied spaces and amble in the shop.

Retreat day:

Date: Sat 13th August 2022

Time: 10 – 1530

Cost: $65 – 120 (Please refer to our fees and donations page). Includes refreshment and a light vegetarian lunch.

Venue: Rime Institute – 1584 Burwood Highway

1000 – 1100       Discussion

1100 – 1130       Morning tea

1130 – 1230       Mantra Practice

1230 – 1330       Break

1330 – 1430       Discussion

1430 – 1530       Full Practice

This retreat will be accessible online and in person.

Note; This day retreat can be attended by anyone interested in Reiki/Buddhism/Mantra/Meditation and any level of reiki practice. This does not empower you at the advanced level.

To book please contact Caron via the contact page and for more detail 0439423184




Healing art of space cleansing

Date27th March 2021
Time10 am – 2.30 pm
VenueTibetan Buddhist Rime Institute, Belgrave
Donation$50 – 120 Market rate

BSB: 033 149   Acc: 440347

Please detail your name on the transfer.

ContentIn this workshop we will explore the healing art of space cleansing. It will be based on experience and examples of simple and complex space cleansing and healing. This is a discussion and practice based workshop.

10 – 11am

Why cleanse?
What is being cleansed?
What is healing?
Who is healing?
Reiki and the healing process



1130 – 1230

Cleansing methods
Healing support tools
Reiki and compassion
Blessing and gratitude

1230 – 1300


1300 – 1430

Bringing it all together in practice

Who can attend: Anyone interested in space cleansing, no need to be a Reiki practitioner but this will be incorporated into the learning opportunity

Please bring your own healing tools if inclined.

Who can attendAnyone interested
What to bringNote book and pen – no work book provided
FoodMorning refreshment

Please bring a plate of food to share with the group