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Reiki a mind healing practice

Following years of Reiki and Buddhist practise the gems hidden in the system of Reiki began to surface.  The deep emersion in both practices enabled this wisdom naturally to arise. Every aspect of this beautiful healing art form is “medicine for the mind”. Every technique a method of discovery and every aspect an opportunity to explore the subtle levels of mind.  The techniques used through hands on healing, mantra, breathing techniques and absent methods allow a great knowingness to emerge that expands ones understanding of their truth.

Space setting

What I have come to know is that where ever you conduct your practice its not about the room, the smells, music, lighting or anything to do with the setting. They all help create an environment for a person to feel nurtured and relaxed but these aspects are superficial.

The space setting is what you the Reiki Practitioner bring to the space. Its what you generate in your heart and mind. Its the generation of closeness to your true nature. An opening to that connection enables the Practitioner to hold a space for the person joining you for Reiki, even before they enter the room.

Its the connection with whats essential about you and its this connection that is essential about the person. When we are in natural flow with this nature we are in flow with the heart and when in flow with the heart this naturally generates loving kindness. Nothing else can arise in the space it simple becomes a beautiful connection in which healing can arise.

Caring for the carer

In the two images below are lovely ladies themselves carers. Generally experiencing different degrees of stress, worry and exhaustion both mentally and physically. When the carer connects in Reiki they allow the mind to settle and rest into its natural state. The hands on practice technique becomes a dynamic interplay for healing. Everyone experiences healing but in different ways. The treating practitioner through mindful awareness achieves a state of oneness with their client,  and calmness, restfulness and clarity arises.

The client  gives to the experience, feeling supported and safe and allows the relaxation process to arise and a state of inner peace follows . This restful state allows the movement of energy in the body and the person begins to lessen the grip to a mind of grasping and clinging.

“Where mind goes energy flows they are like horse and rider”.

Its right at that point that a great Reiki arises opening the person to insight and inner awareness of aspects of themselves that require attention. It is right here that we immerse in the opportunity for true healing. We are no longer in the spinning mind, we simply reside in just being.

For the Reiki Practitioner who is truely in flow they cannot be in the mind, if one is not in the mind there is no clinging to views, judgements or outcomes. There is no clinging the fear or worry and no connection to the suffering nature of mind. We set the obscurations aside and with gratitude we reside in the heart, in our being.

~ Makoto ReikiDo~