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Mantra of light

Vairocana is the white Buddha at the center of the Mandala. He is considered the personification of the Dharmakaya [The basis of reality that all phenomena emanate] and usually referred to as Mahavairocana – Dainichi Nyorai.

Mantra – Sanskrit:



“Praise be to the flawless all-pervasive illumination of the great bright light. Turn over to me the jewel lotus and radiant light”.

Dia Komyo and Great Bright Light Mantra

The essential characteristic of this practice is purification. We call upon the great purifying light of the universe through mantra in order to remember the inner Great Bright Light [Reiki  – Dai komyo 4th symbol Advanced practice].

Through recitation of the mantra  we can experience and remember our unification with the universe. It’s this insight that brings about awareness of our mind and its grasping nature.

  • We can then begin to let go of our attachment and clinging to our strong mental obscurations’ such as worry, fear, jealousy and anger.
  • We begin to realise their poison and how they taint the natural mind and cloud our “absolute truth”.
  • We see that we operate in “relative truth”  in a dream, a world of stories and drama

Working with Dia Komyo [4th Reiki Symbol] you begin to expose the Great Bright Light of the primordial enlightened state and eventually experience transformation into pervasive, omnipresent, blissful nature.

Provisional Practice

The provisional practices of the system of Reiki are deeply embodied in the precepts. To embody the precepts enables us to lessen the grip of attachment and clinging to heavy states of mind. As we work to set these aside we can begin to cut ignorance at the root and develop a more genuine sense of being truthful, honest, humble and compassionate.   The meditations, mantra, symbols, Reiju and hands on healing in the system of Reiki are practices that simply allow the practitioner to see beyond the external reality. These tools open the door to the truth of ones nature and help one to understand the vast inner aspect of our truth and to glimpse at the enlightened state.

Gaining confidence in the tools and developing through experience is the window to a new beginning, a new path. From a personal experience Reiki has led to the practice of Kalachakra [] with the Tibetan Buddhist Rime Institute with Khentrul Rinpoche a Buddhist Rime Master [].

The practices of Reiki cannot be separated from my Buddhist Practice they are simple different tools on the path. Through Reiki practice it’s the experience that opens the door to a profound new state of “knowingness“. It’s through the experience that one is motivated to uncover the truth.

Reiki = True Self [Vital Life force energy]

Dai komyo = True self as bright light


~ Makoto  ~