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Reiki and Knowingness

As we move through the intermediate to advanced levels of Reiki as a spiritual practice a profound question is posed of practitioners:

  • Who is [Name] ?
  • Do you know who you are?

This question is explored as the practitioner immerses themselves into 3rd symbol practice through the healing support of those transitioning life. As a person transitions they move into the Bardo of Death to Becoming. Through this incredibly compassionate and intermate practice one can break through the ignorance of mind that holds the ideals of an “I” as an identity.

The “I” am

When we identify with the “I” we are caught in the cognitive, thinking space of mind. We use labels such as I am – a wife, a mother a manager a Reiki Practitioner. These are all experience based,  roles, a status in society and functions. Its in this space that we loose our self to understanding our truth.

In the beginning of the Reiki Journey a practitioner begins to learn to trust that they can “be”. This being is to simply hold a space, to be able to reside in the practice without judgement, fear, worry or criticism. We develop the skill to recognise every moment we loose our concentration. We learn to catch the movement out of the natural flow of Reiki. This awareness of moving away from the practice is a critical point in knowing our mind. This is a meditation practice.

The knowingness of being no one

Its like taking a walk in nature. When we are in the walk there is nothing but the elements and the steps you take. There is no one to judge, no one to be, it just is “being”, you become part of all that is.

When we discover this space of empty form it is spacious, open, boundless and freeing this is the path through Reiki, this is the path to a happier more free life.

Being = Connected = Nourishes

Thinking = Disconnects us from the truth = Depletes


Todays practice led us through a deep reflection of our identity ending with a beautifully moving mantra as linked below:

So where do I start?

You start right here, right now and choose to be present in everything you do. For the Reiki Practitioner observe the precepts and practice deeply.

You start in isolation using Covid as a gift for practice. You start by being present where your hands are. If you are cooking cook mindfully, if gardening or walking be in flow of the activity.

Be in the walk not I am doing the walk.

Be in the creation of a meal and not just cooking because you have to put a meal on the table.

Just be…..

~ Makoto ~

Reiki Sangha 21st September 20