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Grounding is a word thrown around in the Reiki space and other modalities but:

  • What actually does it mean?
  • How do I know if I am grounded?
  • How do I know what it feels like?

In Reiki its important for the practitioner to understand grounding on a theoretical and experiential level. In other words, understanding it one way and not the other is not practice. We must experience through practice to know how it feels energetically and understand its importance in Reiki as a practitioner.

Therefore, the melding of both theoretical and experiential enables us to have self awareness of when our earth Ki is unbalanced to be of benefit for ourself and others.

Grounding and the Hara

At the base of the body just a few inches below the navel is the Hara. The Hara is the seat of ones original energy. The energy that came with you into this life. The Hara is the seat of our being. Therefore, as a centre for vital life force it’s important to cultivate the area as a foundational space to develop Ki [Energy]. The more we cultivate Ki the greater our ability to restore balance.

Earth energy physical awareness

Earth energy feels heavy, it has a strength and downward force, a grounding force, a feeling of home with feet firmly planted on the ground. This grounding force has a stabilising essence. Therefore, one feels connected, supported, strong and secure. In practice the experience will be different for each practitioner.

Earth energy mental awareness

Cultivating a grounding space enables a person to re-find their natural state of balance. When a person is in a balanced flow they hold a more realistic outlook on life and events. Not allowing themselves to be caught up in drama. A balance of Ki enables mental clarity and we are less likely to be attracted to the strong emotions of anger and worry.

For the Reiki Practitioner this is the practice, “Just for today, do not anger and do not worry”. The Practitioner must check in to see if they are dominated by these emotions and if so work to rectify and return the balance of grounding their life force energy. In doing so we move out of the dominating mental space and into a balanced more connected space. The connected space is also odd language. The connection isn’t with anything external, its the internal, the coming home, the connecting with oneself. It simply refers to a balanced state of being with what is and the natural rhythm and flow of life.

Earth energy connection

Building awareness of the Hara using the breath and concentration helps us to develop focus and stabilises the mental and emotional spaces. By the movement of the mind to the Hara integrates the mind with the physical being and draws one into the present moment, the now. When we are in the present moment we cannot entertain the stories of the mind. We feel more connected, confident and able to tackle what ever we are thrown in life. We walk with confidence, with presence and we see and feel the beauty of our environment and life. Natural earth Ki pulls us into the heart of the her being, safe and connected.


The ungrounded space

This space is mental, physical, energetic, emotional and unstable. The ungrounded space is where we spend far too much time thinking, over analysing, fixing, sorting, running, hiding, escaping. We are not present, not in flow, we go against the natural rhythm of life.

We become consumed by worry, we feed our fears and make stress our friend. Energetically our energies move to higher levels of vibration we pick up on others energies and can become victim to a sensory overload and hightened vigilance. Constantly in the primal response of fight or flight. The ungrounded space is unstable, we experience stress, hold tension in the body, we feel insecure and are quick to act and make decisions for the wrong reasons and we are always searching for something to make us happy.


Keys notes: Grounding is energetic, mental, emotional and physical in nature, it is an experience and an awareness, it is just being, it is in flow.


~Makoto ReikiDo~

17th October 2020