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Global fear

Covid19 or any pandemic for that matter presents a fear platform. This little virus has us wrapped around her and has stripped away our control. Our human nature is to think we are always in a position of control but have a look around, its a false sense of reality. There is much to learn from this alone, we are not in control. At a deep level one can realize that change is inevitable but its what we do with the opportunity for change that matters.

Covid19 has on a global level said its time to rest, to restore, to reflect and be still. We have been provided an opportunity for personal retreat. But this isn’t always easy, why?

Fear of knowing ourselves

We have this wonderful opportunity to stay home, be with family and friends but we find ourselves facing our fears. We are so used to being busy, socializing, filling our day with this and that activity that all of a sudden here we are, home alone.

For many this has been a wonderful retreat but for others its being caught in our heads. Fear begins to dominate as a strong emotion, we being to crave the things we don’t have, caught in the past or future worry. Latching onto disturbing thoughts as we begin to follow and build on their threads. Attaching and elaborating the story and increasing anxiety, depression and distressed states.

These fears can destroy, so its important to look to the root of these strong emotions and ask what is this fear?

Making fear a friend not a foe

When fear arises we can react in irrational ways. Bringing awareness to fear based thoughts is the practice. Being aware when we move into ungrounded territory unbalanced and unstable waters.

Fear can be our greatest teacher, so we must ask the question:

  • What is our fear teaching us?
  • What wounds are hurting right now?
  • What doors are opening to see the opportunity that is arising?

Working with our fear to transform it as enemy to become our friend, our guide. We start by increasing our understating of where our thoughts come from, understanding mind and its many facets. When we spend the time here we can work to understand that our fears are our own creation. They arise like our deepest, darkest enemy, they arise as our pain body and our formed false identities.

We must ask:

  • what is this for me right now?
  • can this fear be transformed?

When we make fear our enemy, we lack insight and do not realize or notice that fear is our pain. We run, hide and escape from it, just like we run away from a physical enemy in person.

When fear is our friend we have the ability to step back from it, to find stillness and peace. We are able to listen and allow wisdom to arise here, we drop the need to react. When we move to care for our fear we grow through the pain. Fear becomes a resource for our practice.

So breath deeply, learn to sit with your fear and make it your friend not your enemy. Allow the process of resting to wash away your fears and to cleanse your soul.


Reiki Sangha 4th October 2020