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Reiki methods

The system of Reiki offers practitioners a range of methods which all point towards true nature.  Symbols and mantra are just some some of the tools within the system of Reiki. Each tool offers a direct path to know empty form or true nature. Emptiness is a term referred to in Buddhism and other spiritual traditions that means to see through the illusion of an independent self nature.

In Japanese spiritual practices emptiness is thought of as the “Great Death”. This view arises as it is believed that when one sees through the illusion of the egoic self the dualistic world is shed, letting go of self identity.


There are many layers to emptiness and each provides the practitioner with a deep knowingness:

“There is no heaven nor earth, no sun nor moon, no body nor mind,

No separateness,

But essence and fullness, bliss and luminosity, pervasiveness, omniscience and connectedness,

and like a rain drop in the ocean or an early morning mist a compassionate essence instills the bliss 

~ Makoto ReikiDo ~

Note:  For the new reader emptiness is a complex spiritual subject but it does not mean empty in the way that we think about a cup being empty of a liquid. It refers to  a level of awareness of consciousness.

Manta Practice

Mantra – Cho Ku Rei 

Symbol –


To illuminate one’s true self and to see things just as they are. No past, present or future, just being, transcending the world of duality.


The more intimate we become with the our truth, the more we understand the impact of our own mental and emotional states. In other words,  Cho Ku Rei provides a window for self reflection for both the practitioner and the client when used within a treatment. Therefore, the awareness that arises allows us to lessen attachment and clinging to the external reality. As a consequence, this letting go of mental afflictions such as attachment, ignorance, jealously, pride and aversion provides a greater opportunity to heal. It is again through self reflection that the practitioner begins to see the healing potential and the precious opportunity that our human life offers.


Single pointed concentration and connection with our innate grounded state.  Connecting our mind with the hara anchors our lived experience. As a result, Cho Ku Rei strengthens our foundation and enables us to set aside anger and worry. The grounded state of being allows us to respond, react and reflect on things as they appear.

Mantra – Sei He Ki

Symbol –


To remember our inherent nature, our inner essence or suchness that which has no form, our Buddha nature.


By letting go of the need to be driven by ego states naturally reduces pain and suffering. However, its only through experiencing the movement of energy in practice that allows the practitioner insight into the dominating energies of mental and emotional issues. As a result, awareness arises of the imbalance of energy in the higher planes at the head and spiritual spaces. Hence, when our mental energies dominate they create imbalance in the mind/heart and body.

The heart of healing

In Reiki practice the heart center is considered to be at the root of our dualistic afflictions and can have a very destabilising effect.  This destabilising effect creates disharmony between mind/heart and the grounded states.

Therefore, Sei He ki practice helps to restore harmony between heart/mind and body the grounded connected state. As we begin to soften the grip to a world of duality we cut through the ignorance of mind. In doing so, we begin to generate an unwavering compassion for others. This compassion goes beyond that shown for another person, it stretches to seeing all beings as equal and one.


Sei He Ki harmonises our vital energies restoring balance inside. Once our inner energies are balanced we harmonise with the outer reality. Through Sei He Ki practice we realise that there is no separation between inside and outside and in -between, they are one. We learn to set aside anger and worry and to achieve harmony with all things. The balance between the spiritual and earth energies is vital for harmony with the heart centre.


Makoto ReikiDo Sangha 17th Jan 2021