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Reiki Sadhana

Reiki is a treatment and spiritual practice. Practitioners of Makoto ReikiDo join in Reiki Sadhana once a month. Sadhana is a Sanskrit word that means spiritual practice which varies across different spiritual traditions.

Makoto ReikiDo Sadhana

Makoto ReikiDo practitioners follow the below steps:

    1. Salute the sangha
      • Each takes a moment to respect and honor each person present. In Gassho we are reminded to drop our mind to turn inwards.
    1. Motivation 
      • Moves the mind in preparedness for practice. We are reminded of karma, suffering nature, impermanence and the precious opportunity of life
    2. Conscious decision of the practice technique
      • Its through discipline that we establish a clear practice. Setting our intention enables a natural connection with Reiki.
    3. Settle the body
      • Relaxing into a comfortable position, opening the heart and mind and letting go of stress and areas of tension.
    4. Awareness of the hara
      • Bringing attention to the center point of our energetic balance allows a connection with earth ki.
    5. Settling the speech
      • Exhaling the stale breath allows the practitioner to let go of impurities from the subtle body.
    6. Gassho
      • Unites the whole and reminds the practitioner of no-duality moving the mind in preparedness for practice.
    7. Mantra
      • Moving into Reiki Mantra moving mind and body
    8. Contemplation
      • To deeply consider in meditation, to profoundly consider and reflect for wisdom to arise


There is only that which cannot be taken. Allowing yourself to be completely empty of thoughts, just an empty space, just being. Just space and awareness, just emptiness.


  • Are you creating it
  • Does it have shape or size, boundaries
  • Is it an effort in anyway
  • Is it moving
  • Is it an objective or perception
  • Does it exist
  • Can it be destroyed
  • Does it have a start and end
  • Does it belong to you or I
  • Is there anywhere that it is not
  • Does it reject anyone
  • Where is the distance between you and it

In the spaciousness, the being-ness you are experiencing non-duality, pure being.

We simply bring awareness to the separation of the false self and the spaciousness of being.