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The most empowering opportunity in life is to become acquainted with the I. There are many approaches to touching our truth and Reiki is one of these. The experience of Reiki allows us to touch the I of being, revealing our natural waking state of presence. This state of being has no movement, it simply remains the same, it simply is. It’s from this state of being, of presence that one sees all things move in front of it, just like a witness to a scene. One becomes aware of the space between the perceiver and the play.

The moment we move to connect with the moving parts in front of the I of presence, we simply move back under the veil. Our truth disguised once more as we flow back into the play of life. This play that we operate within manifests as a result of our own well-formed habits of this life time. Our experiences created of our own doing captured within the daydream.

~ Makoto ReikiDo ~